Managing Director

Lewis Knibbs

Lewis is a proud Arrernte person from Alkngirrweltye Country (Central Australia) with strong ties to Dagoman Country (Katherine, NT). He has a strong passion for culture and spent much of his childhood performing traditional dances and busking with his family. He believes that strong culture is paramount for mobs' advancement.

Lewis's story is motivational. Firstly, he is on the spectrum and struggled with several learning disabilities as a child. He didn't learn to read until year 4 of primary school and was never supported to bridge the education gap. In high school, he decided that he wanted to go to university and study science and engineering. However, he was told that this would never happen and was forced into a trade he completed.

Lewis went on to complete two Diplomas, one from Deakin University and a degree in Business from the University of South Australia, specialising in Economics, Finance and Trade. He has also recently completed his Certificate IV in Building and Construction to become a licenced builder and is working towards becoming a certified project manager.

Lewis brings expertise in project management and uses his exceptional analyticalskills to manage resources, ensuring projects are delivered ontime and within budget; he enjoys working creatively and has a think 'outside the box mindset. He is dedicated to helping clients bring ideas to life, from strategic planning to operational implementation.

Director and senior consultant

Tilman Lowe

"It has always been my passion to continue my cultural learning while broadening my understanding of other Aboriginal cultures and customs".

Tilman is a proud Arrernte person from Alkngirrweltye Country (Central Australia) with strong ties to Dagoman Country (Katherine, NT). He values culture, kinship,family structures and the lore that governs our people. Tilman believes that passing on the complexities of culture and family values is critical for the mob's success.

With a decade of experience in numerous roles while working within the community, He has a strong background in the fields of program/event planning and delivery, communications, stakeholder engagement and employee supervision. He has worked extensively with Aboriginal communities, mainly in Southwest Australia and Central Australia.

His passion is supporting Aboriginal people and those working with Aboriginal people with personal and professional development and striving towards higher learning and self-confidence. Tilman's life-long goal is to use his experience of coming from humble beginnings to raise the profile of the issues facing our community to non-Aboriginal people, so they have a better understanding of our history, experiences, and our disparities. I would like to continue being a role model to other Aboriginal people and minimise the impact of shame and anti-social behaviour.

Tilman is an exceptional role model and leader who empowers people to minimise the impact of shame, anti-social behaviour, and outside influences within the indigenous communities.