There are many and varied issues confronting remote construction work. Firstly, there is the cost of transportation for materials and labour. Remote locations such as Groote Island or Desert regions can impact the price by upwards of $1500m2.

Another consideration is the lack of tradespeople to provide repairs and maintenance. In addition, the cost for simple plumbing repairs is significantly amplified due to travel time. Therefore,regional and remote dwellings need to be robust.

Warle is investing heavily in the research and development of remote buildings as they want to be the leaders in this area. This means challenging conventional building methods and developing solutions that will withstand the harsh NT environment.

Modular Dwellings

Warle Construction will design and build bespoke modular dwellings for customers across Northern Territory.

Commercial Construction

Remote commercial construction will be one of Warle Construction's core businesses.Depending on the need and location...


The Northern Territory Government's solution is to provide a standard "one size fits all" approach to remote housing.


Warle can provide structural framing solutions for any construction project. We can currently manufacture welded framing systems...