Warle can provide structural framing solutions for any construction project. We can currently manufacture welded framing systems, including stud frames, trusses, and flooring systems. Welded frames are known for their strength while being practical, lightweight and termite-proof.

Steel frame construction is commonly used in transportable and demountable residential buildings. Its advantages include:

  • High strength.
  • Relatively low weight.
  • Ease of installation.
  • Off-site fabrication, allowing high quality.
  • Mass production of repeating units.
  • Ability to resist dynamic forces such as wind and earthquakes.
  • Suitability to a wide range of joining methods.

Various Wall frame solutions are: –

Stud:The vertical structural member of a wall panel to which internal linings and external cladding materials are fixed.

Truss Material:This material is used to manufacture trusses and jack rafters. A C-section can also be used for hip corners and trimming within the roof space.

Battens:Steel Frame Solutions battens are manufactured from quality, high-strength Zincalume steel, which is approximately ten times more resistant to corrosion than galvanised products.Ceiling battens are versatile and easy to use, providing strength, lightness and rigidity ata low cost. It is used to support ceiling lining.